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Services may use the same slot.

Contraception: AKC - 3   BOOTSWALT - 6   SLG - 9  
Pregnancy test: BOOTSWALT - 6  
Emergency contraception: AKC - 3   BOOTSWALT - 6   SLG - 9  
Routine checkup male: BOOTSWALT - 6  
Routine checkup female: BOOTSWALT - 6  

You can now reserve a slot in the walk-in clinic.

You will be asked for some basic personal information and why you would like an appointment. Why?

If you are unwell, have severe pain, or are pregnant and also have other symptoms, please access walk-in clinic or go to your GP or nearest Emergency Department.

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It is important that we give you the correct appointment and advise you how quickly you should be seen. To do this we will ask you some simple questions about you and any symptoms or problems you may have.

This on-line booking service is only for people aged 16 and over.